Watch for Road “Blow Ups” 10 Jun 16

MANKATO, Minn. – Motorists should be alert to the impact hot weather is having on some area highways. “Blow-ups” of concrete pavement can be very dangerous for motorists. 

MnDot officials say maintenance crews are keeping busy repairing the broken pavement, especially on portions of Interstate 90. 

Other highways prone to buckling are Highway 15, Highway 60, and Highway 169 in southcentral Minnesota.

When a road is constructed it is cut into segments creating a space for expansion and contraction.  Sometimes that space is not enough and when that happens the pavement buckles or blows up, particularly when the pavement is older and weaker.  The warmer the temperature the more the pavement material expands.

Blacktop (bituminous) pavement is a more flexible material and does not usually blow up but may create a bump similar to a frost heave, especially in areas where concrete and blacktop meet.

Officials from the Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) are asking motorists to drive with caution and slow down as there is no way to tell where or when a blow up will happen.