Former Deputy Challenging Evidence Against Him 06 Jul 16

LITCHFIELD—The former Meeker County sheriff’s deputy accused of stealing drugs from the department’s drug take-back box and toys from a toy drive says his confession was unlawfully used as evidence for a late-night search warrant without cause.

In an omnibus motion he filed last week in Meeker County District Court, he asked a judge to throw out his post-arrest statement and evidence gathered from the search.

He’s also requesting that the judge dismiss six of the nine charges in the case.

33-year-old Travis Sebring of Grove City, was arrested in January on nine charges: three felony counts of fifth-degree drug possession, one felony theft charge and two misdemeanor theft charges, a gross misdemeanor charge for exceeding authority as a public officer and two petty misdemeanor drug charges.

Soon after, he formally resigned his post as sheriff’s deputy.

The West Central Tribune reports Sebring had been set to appear at a Tuesday court hearing. After the omnibus motion was filed, that hearing was canceled and reset for Aug. 22nd.

The criminal complaint indicates Sebring spoke with investigators that night and submitted a voluntary statement admitting to taking the drugs, toys and a chair—and that he had been taking medication from the box for “as long as a year.”

In court documents filed last week, Sebring argued his statement was not valid because he was not given a Miranda warning prior to speaking with investigators—a “right to silence” warning that legally must be given before any criminal interrogation.

Sebring is seeking for the dismissal of three theft charges and three of the drug charges.