Three Injured in Eden Valley Fire/Explosion 11 Nov 16

A machinery fire at an Eden Valley business Thursday afternoon sparked an explosion, injuring three men.

The Meeker County Sheriff’s Office says 46-year-old Duane Stang of St. Cloud, 57-year-old James Thielen of Richmond, and 39-year-old Scott Thielen of Eden Valley were injured in the explosion at Schlangen’s Custom Cabinets.

Stang was airlifted to Hennepin County Medical Center with burn injuries thought to be non-life threatening. James and Scott Thielen, who both sustained minor injuries, were transported by private vehicles to Paynesville hospital.

The fire and subsequent explosion happened around 2:20 p.m. Thursday. Eden Valley Fire, Rescue, and Meeker Sheriff’s Deputies were called to the scene.

Soon after their arrival, a dust collector exploded outside the building, on the 550 block of Meeker Avenue.

Authorities say “The fire and explosion appear to be the result of a piece of machinery causing an ember to be pulled into the venting system, which resulted in the dust explosion.”