Making Crossing Highway 7 Safer 11 Jan 17

The City of Hutchinson is looking to make an intersection on Highway 7 West safer for pedestrians to cross.

The Hutchinson City Council last night (Tuesday) approved resolutions in an effort to secure Federal grant money that, if obtained, would be used to install a HAWK lighting system (High-Intensity Activated crossWalK) for a pedestrian/trail crossing at the intersection of Highway 7 West and Montana Street.

City Engineer Kent Exner says the high intensity crosswalk system uses a multitude of lights to make for a safer intersection.

The council approved resolutions to apply for $140,000 in Federal grant money, which would be used for construction of the project, with an agreement that the city agree to put up an additional $35,000. The council also adopted a resolution that the city agrees to maintain the structure.

That money, $175,000, would be for construction only.

Exner says with additional design, engineering, and other fees, the total cost is estimated at $211,000.

If the grant money is secured, Exner says construction of the system would be in 2021.

HAWK System