Shakopee Teacher Killed by Police Under Influence of Drugs 13 Jan 17

The Shakopee teacher who was shot and killed by police December 31st at a hotel in Mankato was apparently under the influence of multiple drugs.

A friend who was with 33-year-old Chase Anthony Tuseth of Chanhassen told Bureau of Criminal Apprehension agents that he believed his friend had taken LSD and Ecstasy. The BCA executed a search warrant of Tuseth’s hotel room and cell phone.

Suspect drugs were also found in the hotel room.

Messages on Tuseth’s phone suggest he had also taken Adderall.

Willard Pierce told BCA agents they had been drinking heavily that night and took a cab back to County Inn and Suites.

Pierce was trying to get Tuseth to his room and was calling a friend to help when the shooting occurred.  

  • Erica Lynn Sandahl Engman

    When is the killing going to end!? The cops have MANY less lethal options available to them. They need to stop them from not having consequences for their actions just cuz they are cops. Definitely there are times when it’s the only option, it just seems to me that’s been gone to as the first option far too often lately.

  • Steven Krenik

    Please educate yourself before posting. First off, you have obviously never been in a position to attempt to apprehend someone on LSD, much less compounded by Ecstacy and Adderall. The officer in question had already used the taser on the subject and the incident went south from there. Officers, at times, are going to be called on to stop a threat to others, or themselves. An individual who is behind the front desk of the hotel damaging the place and threatening the lives and safety of the hotel employees needs to be stopped. In this case, I applaud the officer for his actions and hope others who are going to use drugs, such as LSD, will recognize the possible consequences. Not all “cops” are bad, thank you for your service, you often times don’t get paid enough!

  • Eric Muellerleile

    No way. Killing an unarmed perp is flat out wrong. You can’t tell me the cops didn’t have other options. More man power, tackle the guy. Try tear gas. Try a baseball bat. Blind him with a tactical flashlight. But they shot and killed the guy. No excuse. None.