Gov Signs Health Insurance Premium Relief Bill 27 Jan 17

(Learfield News Wire/St. Paul, MN)  Governor Mark Dayton has signed into law legislation giving a state-paid 25 percent discount in 2017 to those hit with big health insurance premium increases in the individual market — an estimated 125-thousand Minnesotans. 

The Minnesota House passed the compromise bill just hours before. 

The governor says he appreciates Republicans agreeing to his plan to provide the premium relief as quickly as possible — officials say probably by the end of April, plus retroactive refunds for 2017 premiums people will have already paid. Dayton also applauds a provision allowing seriously ill patients to keep their current doctor during their ongoing course of treatment.

But the governor says he does not agree with other changes Republicans insisted on — most notably, allowing out-of-state and for-profit insurance companies to sell health insurance policies in Minnesota.  

  • Jammis

    Daton’s a real
    winner. First he enforces a health care
    program that has 0 chance of working. A
    bill that he was warned against by people that can thing far enough ahead to
    warn him that MNsure is distant to fail, warning that the premiums will change
    and the tax payers will pay the penalty when the premiums will go up. Now that all has happened that he was warned
    against, he doubles down and instead of reverting to a program that will work,
    he steels from the surplus to ad gas to fire that he knows won’t work. I can’t believe people voted for this idiot.