Give Us Your Wally Stories/Memories 06 Mar 17

Popular musician and entertainer Wally Pikal passed away on Thursday, March 2nd. 

In remembrance of Wally, John Mons will be saluting Wally on Friday’s Pikal Patch over the next few weeks.

Do you have a special memory about meeting Wally? 

Maybe you have a fun story to share.  Or perhaps you just want to send condolences to the Pikal family. 

If so, please write your message on Facebook, or you can drop it off, email, or send it to John Mons ( or KDUZ, Box 366, Hutchinson, MN 55350).

Listen to the Pikal Patch during the next few weeks (Friday 9:05am on 1260 KDUZ AM) as John will share your stories, thoughts, and condolences. 

  • Janice Konerza

    My sister had Wally’s band play for her wedding in 1965 and I remember the poster he had to advertise the dance had a picture of him as a pickle with his head on it.