Invetigations of Thefts at Hutchinson Businesses 06 Apr 17

Hutchinson police are investigating a couple of thefts at local businesses that occurred recently.

 After finding some “spider wire,” used for security, on some shelves on Friday (March 31), an employee of Best Buy reported that surveillance video from February 20th showed that a female suspect took six headphones valued at over $1,100. Five Bose headphones and one Skull Candy headphones were taken by the suspect that the video shows was wearing blue jeans, a black jacket, and a black baseball cap.

The investigation continues.


On March 25th, an employee of Walmart reported that at about 4:30am on the previous morning, a male and female came into the store and loaded a cart with merchandise. The female suspect then left the store and entered a silver mini van. The male suspect then left through a fire door with the cart, which sounded an alarm. Among the items identified, a 55-inch Samsung television, worth $598. The suspects were able to get away however, police believe they have identified the two, who also match the description of two suspects that committed a similar theft in Burnsville.

Hutchinson Police are requesting theft charges on both suspects through the City Attorney’s Office.