Hutchinson Councilor Suggests Raising Tobacco Purchase Age to 21 26 Apr 17

A Hutchinson City Councilman is asking that the city look at raising the legal age to purchase tobacco products from 18 to 21.

Councilor John Lofdahl brought up the issue at last night’s (Tuesday) city council meeting.

Lofdahl says it would be good for residents’ health and the city, and suggested that staff look into the possibility, and draft an ordinance based on what the city of Edina is already in the process of doing.

Mayor Gary Forcier felt it should be left as is. He also wanted input from the council before directing staff to put time and money into researching the issue.

Councilors John Lofdahl and Steve Cook indicated support for the change.

Mayor Gary Forcier along with Councilors Mary Christensen and Chad Czmowski seemed to be leaning against making the change.

Ultimately, the council agreed to have City Administrator Matt Jaunich include it on the next city council agenda, so the council could formally take action on whether or not to pursue the change.

Hutchinson City Council (L to R: Lofdahl, Cook, Christensen, Forcier, Czmowski)