Wright County Sheriff’s Office Under Investigation 16 May 17

The Wright County Attorney’s Office said it has hired an outside law firm to conduct a personnel investigation at the county sheriff’s office.

KSTP reports the County Attorney’s Office declined to comment further “because it is an open and active investigation” and cannot legally be discussed publicly until it is finished.

Robert Fowler is an attorney who said he has been hired by the Wright County Deputies Association. 

Fowler said, “I do not want to compromise an active investigation so I won’t comment on specifics, but I can tell you that a deputy did register concerns with the county’s Human Resources Department, and a short time later he was placed on paid leave.”

Fowler confirmed he is now looking into the circumstances regarding the action taken by Wright County Sheriff Joe Hagerty.  


    How many places can a person work that after you express a workplace concern to HR you get a paid vacation for XX days?