Castile Family Reaches $3-million Settlement 26 Jun 17

(Learfield News Service/St. Anthony, MN)  Philando Castile’s mother has agreed to a nearly three-million-dollar settlement with the City of St. Anthony.

Valerie Castile will receive $2.995 million in a civil claim related to the death of her son.

As to whether the agreement equals an admission of guilt, Castile family attorney Robert Bennett says, “well there’s no formal admission, but you can take what you will from the fact that almost $3 million is being paid. That’s not generally done if you’re not liable.”

Philando Castile was shot and killed during a traffic stop by Officer Jeronimo Yanez on July 6th last year. Yanez was acquitted on all the charges.

The settlement will paid through the city of St. Anthony’s coverage with the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust.

Bennett says the family plans to continue doing productive work through the Philando Castile Relief Foundation which Valerie started.  

  • Anonymous

    If Eric Garner’s family and Freddie Gray’s family both received over $6,000,000 each, then the Castile family should have received more than $3,000,000.