Woman Attempting to Pass Bogus Bills in Hutchinson 06 Jul 17

Hutchinson police are requesting that a 29-year-old woman be charged with attempting to use bogus $100 bills to buy merchandise in Hutchinson.

Last month, an employee at Casey’s General Store on Highway 7 East reported that the suspect tried to pay for gas and merchandise with what turned out to be a counterfeit $100 bill. When the employee tested the bill and said it was fake, the suspect said she got it from an ATM machine. She then tore up the bill and threw it away. She returned a short time later and paid with real currency.

It was also discovered that a similar incident had occurred earlier at the Cenex Convenience Store on Highway 7 West in which the same woman attempted to buy merchandise with a $100 bill, which the store also refused to take because of its lack of authenticity.

Police are requesting charges of counterfeiting of currency-possessing or using, which is a gross misdemeanor.