New Ridgewater Dean of Instruction 06 Jul 17

WILLMAR and HUTCHINSON, MN – Longtime educator and Ridgewater alum Judy Tebben has joined the Ridgewater College administration team as dean of instruction, replacing retired Mike Boehme.


Judy brings a wealth of academic and business experience to her new position at Ridgewater College,” explained Betty Strehlow, Ridgewater College Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Services. “She has a strong work ethic and is immersing herself in all aspects of the technical programs she oversees here. We value her robust instructional background and are very pleased to have Judy join our team of educators at Ridgewater.”

Tebben and her husband, Mike, reside in the New London area and own a manufacturing business in Clara City, specializing in agricultural equipment and recreational products. Clara City is also where the couple raised their three children.

Tebben is also no stranger to a multi-campus college, as her previous institution has five campuses. While her base campus was originally in Granite Falls, she eventually served students at all five campuses. Likewise, at Ridgewater, she will serve and have a presence in both Willmar and Hutchinson.

I am excited to support faculty as we continue to provide an excellent educational experience for our Ridgewater students and I’m excited for this new challenge,” Tebben said. “I want to support the faculty, the college and the communities that Ridgewater College serves.”

During her Minnesota West tenure, Tebben served as her business division chair and was on several campus and college-wide committees, including hiring committees. She has given several local and state-wide presentations, often highlighting current and progressive educational delivery methods.

She said she was attracted to the Ridgewater position for the challenge, the location, and her shared belief in the Ridgewater mission and vision that strive for innovation and excellence in an inclusive, supportive, accessible, student-centered environment for diverse learners.

Tebben began her duties in early June.