Tiger Rewind: A Wild Week 2 09 Sep 17

Tiger Rewind: Hutchinson 46 Willmar 38

Maguire Petersen had 190 total yards and scored 4 Touchdowns to lead Hutchinson over Willmar 46-38 in North Central District Football.  The Tigers got off to a bad start, allowing 2 Willmar Touchdowns in the first two drives of the game trailing 16-0.  The Tigers would score the next 26 points of the game taking a 10 point lead into halftime.  In the second half, Willmar got withing 2 points at 32-30 before Hutchinson would get a Touchdown, followed by a Fumble Recovery on the kickoff.  The next drive also ended in a touchdown to give Hutch the win.  Next up for the Tigers is a road game at Big Lake.