Tiger Gameday – Week 4 vs Becker 21 Sep 17

Tiger Gameday – Week 4


Last Game: Hutchinson 21 Big Lake 14


Game Recap: Big Lake scored on it’s first two offensive plays (a 76 yard TD Run and an 81 yard TD Run), but then were shut down by the Hutch Defense in the 21-14 win Friday night.  Hutchinson’s Offense scored on the first two drives of the game, and 3 of the first 4 taking a 21-14 lead at the half.  Little did anyone know that would turn out to be the final score as the defenses owned the second half.  Both Defenses came up with 3 takeaways to aid their cause.  On the Hutchinson side, Safety Austin Dettman recorded 2 Interceptions and 1 Fumble Recovery.


Current Record: 3-0 (Ranked #4 in Class 4A)


This Week’s Opponent: Becker (2-1, #9)


About the Opponent: A great rivalry renews as Becker hosts the Tigers. This is the only opponent on the regular season schedule that Hutchinson has seen in the last 10 years and boy have there been some GREAT games over the years. This years team will look a lot like the past. This is a team that can throw the ball, run the ball, play good defense. This is one of those weeks you circle on your schedule before the season.


Key Hutch Players: Hutchinson Offensive Line. The Line has been shuffled quite a bit the first 3 weeks, and let us be the first to make it known Week 4 is more of the same. New players in new roles, trying to find that best lineup possible. Gonna need to play well this week with Becker’s Defense blitzing a lot. The Line also will need to open up some holes for the Tiger run game. Best Defense against Becker can be a good Offense…ive Line.


Games Storylines:

  1. Batman and Robin…The Tigers “Batman” this year has been Maguire Petersen. It doesn’t take much film work by opposing coaches to realize Petersen jumps off the page. But the Tigers need to develop his “Robin”. Who will be that person to step up now that teams are going to gang up against Maguire? Josiah Nelson has done a nice job so far applying for that job…can anyone else step up also?

  2. Could be Becker’s Best QB Ever.” That was a line that was mentioned to us. Now we haven’t seen Josh Fobbe play yet, but we’ll go with the scouting report on him. Fobbe has a good arm, accurate, uses his receivers well, and can run with the ball. He’s a better athlete than any of the DL and LB’s who’ll be rushing him. Gonna have to find a way to contain an athlete like this, rush him smartly and not let him out of the pocket. As Pat and John say…we suggest a Spy in the Defense to watch him.

  3. Don’t forget about the run. For as much as we just gushed about the Becker QB (with good reason), Don’t forget that Becker still runs the Football about 65% of the time. Stopping the run will go a long way to stopping the offense.

  4. Quick Hit Keys….We mentioned this last week and we’ll mention it again, Gonna be hot and humid Friday so getting players rest will be key…No lead is safe with Becker and their quick strike offense…Look for the Becker defense to blitz a lot.

  5. A useless/interesting fact…We’ve talked a lot about coaching wins over the years. It’s no secret Becker has a great one on Dwight Lundeen. He has 350 career victories, which ranks him 3rd all time in Minnesota history. But it also ranks him in the top 40 Nationally All Time in Victories. No one in Minnesota has a shot at #1 Nationally as that will stay with John Curtis of John Curtis High in Louisiana. You know you’ve won a lot when the school has your name. Curtis has 542 wins and 26 State Titles…WOW!