VA Changes How Local Veterans Get Free Flu Shots 21 Sep 17

In recent years, Minnesota veterans enrolled for VA health care have been able to get their annual flus shots, either at the VA’s Medical Centers or Community Based Outpatient Clinics or at special events set up in communities throughout the state, which for McLeod County veterans included the Hutchinson National Guard Armory.

This year, the VA will not be bringing flu shots to Hutchinson or any other community events, because the Department of Veterans Affairs has teamed up with Walgreens Pharmacies nationwide to allow all veterans who are currently enrolled in the VA healthcare system to be able walk into any Walgreens to receive a vaccination at no cost. 
Veterans wishing to receive the vaccination at Walgreens simply need to present a Veterans Health Identification Card and a photo ID, at any participating Walgreens to receive the vaccination.

In addition, after the Walgreens pharmacist administers the vaccine Walgreens will transmit that information securely to VA where it becomes part of the patient’s electronic medical record.
Veterans getting vaccinated outside the VA or through Walgreens are asked to tell their VA provider about it at their next appointment.

If you have questions concerning flu shots or VA Health Care in general, call McLeod County Veteran Services at (320) 864-1268 or visit them on Facebook @ McLeod.Veterans.