Committee Vote on State Employee Contracts Angers Democrats/Unions 06 Oct 17

(Learfield News Service)  An outcry from Democrats after a Republican-controlled committee Thursday recommended the state legislature reject new two-year tentative contracts with the AFSCME and MAPE state employee unions.

State Sen Newman

Hutchinson Senator Scott Newman responds wage increases rely on projected health insurance savings which might not pan out, saying “When they run out of money, they will come back to the legislature and ask for us to back-fill the hole that they have created.”

AFSCME Council Five head Eliot Seide responds health care reforms in the contract will save tax dollars, and says of Republicans’ treatment of state workers, “I mean, these people work every day to deliver quality services to this state, and all these people (Republicans) do is treat them like garbage.”

The full legislature votes on the contracts next year.