State Lawmakers Wrap Up Bonding Tour 11 Oct 17

State lawmakers wrap up their 2017 bonding tour with stops in the Twin Cities today (Wednesday).

Rep Dean Urdahl

Capital Investment Committee Chairman Dean Urdahl from Grove City says there are about four billion dollars in requests statewide “and you know the bill’s going to be much less than that, I doubt if we will hit a billion dollars with this bill, so in other words, there’s going to be unmet needs, unmet requests and we’re just going to have to prioritize and try to do the best job we can.”

For the past several months, the House Committee has traveled the state visiting communities that are requesting money for local projects. 

The House Committee is scheduled to visit the Maplewood gun range, Battle Creek Regional Park and RiverCentre today.

Urdahl says the committee will hear more requests after the legislature reconvenes in late February.