Tiger Gameday – Week 8 17 Oct 17

Tiger Gameday – Week 8


Last Game: Rocori 16 Hutchinson 7


Game Recap: Rocori would score on their first two offensive possessions, both on 4th down plays, to end Hutchinson’s 3 year Regular Season Winning Streak 16-7.  The Tiger Defense would only give up 212 yards and forced 3 turnovers, but the offense was not able to capitalize.  Maguire Petersen scored the only Touchdown of the game for Hutchinson late in the 2nd quarter.  Hutch would have three drives stall inside the Rocori 30 yard line during the game.


Current Record: 6-1


This Week’s Opponent: Sauk Rapids Rice (4-3)


About the Opponent: Don’t let the record fool you into thinking this is just an average team. They are a Class 5A Football team that has competed very well this year. It’s another team that Hutchinson hasn’t seen at all over the years. Both teams have section standings implications riding on this one so both should be hungry for a win.


Key Hutch Players: Hutchinson’s Offense. After a lackluster performance last week vs Rocori the Offense needs to rebound. Inability to finish drives and take advantage of turnovers your defense gave you plagued Hutch last week. Focus on yourself and what you can do to help the team, as Asst Coach Dave Ellefson said to us earlier in the year…focus on the little things and the little things can add up to BIG things.


Game Storylines:

  1. Hutchinson will have a new starting QB this week. Russell Corrigan will take the reins of the offense for the first time as a starting QB. Russell was in the mix last year at the beginning of the year but then moved to TE to get his athleticism on the field. Russell knows the plays and his experience on the field should help him from the standpoint he shouldn’t have “First Start” jitters. It will be interesting to see how differently the offense runs with the southpaw behind center.

  2. Defensively Hutchinson has been very good this year, BUT last week was the second time this season Hutch got down by 2 Touchdowns early in the game. We’ve got no worries that this Tiger Defense is a VERY quality defense…you just can’t get down by that much early against good teams. Sometimes they good teams hold the leads.

  3. Section Implications. The way we understand it (and we fully admit we’re not 100% sure) but a Win for Hutchinson on Wednesday would clinch a first round bye and may even clinch Homefield advantage in the playoffs with the #1 seed. I don’t think we need to explain how important playing at home in the playoffs is. This is a big win to get…if you can get it.

  4. Quick Hit Keys….Turnovers are always a key, but taking advantage of them is too!…Go in with an underdog mentality, Class 4A teams are rarely the favorite in playing a Class 5A team, use that for fuel for the fire…Short week with MEA, have to deal with a week that’s short on practice time, need to focus on yourself more and how you are playing.

  5. A useless/interesting fact…This is Game #999 in Hutchinson Football’s History, it will be quite an accomplishment when Game #1000 comes around for the first playoff game whether it’s on Tuesday or Saturday of Next Week!