Hutchinson Bank Reports Fraudulent Transactions 14 Nov 17

Hutchinson Police are investigating alleged fraudulent transactions that were reported by downtown bank officials last month.

On October 23rd at 2:11pm, Citizens Bank reported a customer had deposited two checks from Pennsylvania in the ATM and later withdrew nearly $2,400 against the checks, which turned out to be bad. The suspect is believed to be a 21-year-old Hutchinson woman in that case.

At 3:11pm, bank officials reported a similar transaction had taken place with two bad checks from Texas totaling $2,000.

And in yet another transaction, several more bad checks had also been deposited in which nearly $2,600 had ultimately been withdrawn from the bank. A 37-year-old Hutchinson man is the suspect in that transaction, although authorities say he said he was going to return the money to the bank.

The investigations continue.