Man Dead After Domestic Incident in Olivia 14 Nov 17

(KWLM/Olivia, MN)  A man is dead after a domestic incident in Olivia Monday morning.  

In a news release, Olivia Police Chief Derek Lee says at 6:36 a.m. they responded to a report of a domestic dispute at an address in the 700 Block of Oak Avenue East in Olivia.  

Officers found a woman who had fled the home with some children, and they entered the house to try and make contact with a man but were unsuccessful.  

The woman said she was concerned that the man may have access to a couple of long guns, so police blocked off the area and notified officials at BOLD High School which was one block away to the south.  

The school was put on a lockdown and neighbors were told of the potential danger.  

An armored emergency response vehicle arrived at 10:10 and began attempts to make contact with the man. 

At 10:55 his body was found inside the house, and the lockdown at BOLD was lifted.   The man’s name has not been released.

The Midwest Medical Examiners Office is determining the cause of death.