State Sen Scott Newman Issues Statement Following Court Ruling 17 Nov 17

SAINT PAUL, MN – Following the Minnesota Supreme Court’s opinion that Gov. Mark Dayton’s line-item veto of legislative funding for the 2017-2018 biennium is constitutional,Sen. Scott Newman (R-Hutchinson) issued the following statement:

State Sen Newman

“I am profoundly disappointed by the Minnesota Supreme Court’s decision to allow Gov. Dayton to effectively abolish the Legislature by line-item vetoing its entire appropriation.
“Clearly, the Court missed the legal and constitutional issue at hand. The plain language of the Minnesota Constitution, and the doctrine of ‘separation of powers’, requires the Supreme Court to protect the three co-equal branches of government.
“The Court’s decision creates the potential for an unprecedented and unnecessary political crisis for our state if the Legislature refuses to bend to the governor’s will. Additionally, given the Court’s decision, this and future Legislatures may be required to suspend operations, furlough staff, and close Legislative office buildings. Under this scenario, there would be no constituent assistance, no legislative oversight, and layoffs for hundreds of partisan and nonpartisan staff.
“Justice Anderson, in the sole dissent of the Court’s opinion, says it best: ‘The … line-item veto [of] the legislative appropriations … alters the balance of powers by elevating the powers of the Governor. [T]his result creates three unequal branches of government…’
“I will continue to fiercely defend the Legislature – one of the three co-equal branches of government – so the people of Minnesota’s voice in their government remains.”
Sen. Scott Newman is in his third term representing Senate District 18, which includes communities in McLeod, Meeker, Sibley, and Wright counties. He also serves as chair of the Senate Transportation Finance and Policy Committee.