Driverless Bus Testing in MN 14 Dec 17

MONTICELLO, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota Department of Transportation is testing a driverless bus to see how it operates in cold weather.

Transportation officials say that while the driverless technology is being tested throughout the country, it’s important to know how such a vehicle would respond in icy, cold conditions. The small minibus that holds 12 people was tested at MnDOT’s cold weather testing facility in Monticello Tuesday.

The Star Tribune says MnDOT’s test program uses a shuttle bus manufactured by EasyMile, a French company specializing in driverless technology. Minnesota’s 3M makes the films that protect and enhance the sensors in inclement weather.

EasyMile has also tested the vehicle in Finland and Norway. But Minnesota will be the first cold weather test in the U.S. MnDOT plans to demonstrate the technology on Nicollet Mall during Super Bowl festivities.

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