Deadly Crash: Ilg Family Upset with Plea Agreement 13 Feb 18

(KSTP/Gaylord, MN) Family members of Philip Ilg say they are not happy the Sibley County Attorney’s Office accepted a gross misdemeanor plea for a 16-year-old motorist charged with causing his death last June.

The 56-year-old Ilg was riding his bicycle on County Road 25 when prosecutors say the teenage driver was using her cell phone just seconds before the deadly crash.

KSTP reports the teen was originally charged with a gross negligence felony, and the Ilg family said they were surprised when the Sibley County Attorney’s Office told them they were dropping the felony charge in exchange for a gross misdemeanor reckless driving plea which does not include any time in a juvenile detention facility.

Ilg’s wife, Karin, said the family asked the county attorney’s office for a trial. They believed that was the route prosecutors were taking until she received an email from the prosecuting attorney indicating there would be no trial with the reduced guilty pleas.

The Sibley County Attorney’s Office did not respond to a request for comment.

The Ilg family say they plan to attend a Tuesday morning court hearing, where the deal could be rejected by the presiding judge in Sibley County.