Top Republican Lawmaker Wants More Info on $10M Funding Request for MNLARS 23 Feb 18

(Learfield News Service/St. Paul, MN) The Dayton administration is asking the legislature for 10 million additional dollars to continue work on the state’s troubled vehicle registration system, MN-LARS, and Democratic Senator Scott Dibble inquired on the Senate floor Thursday night “if we intend to consider this request at the Transportation Committee anytime soon?” 

Hutchinson Republican Scott Newman responded the Dayton administration has spent about 93 million dollars so far, wants 10 million more, but hasn’t complied with his requests for more information.  Newman says, “This matter will get a hearing in the Transportation Committee, but before it gets a hearing, there will be something more in my hand besides a photocopy of a letter from the commissioner of MMB [Minnesota Management and Budget].” 

Dayton administration officials were not immediately reachable for comment.