HPD Warning of Scam Claiming to be Publisher’s Clearing House 02 Mar 18

Hutchinson Police are alerting residents to be aware of information they have received regarding a telephone scam.

Authorities say the scam targets elderly people and calls them claiming they have won large sums of money from Publishers Clearing House. The caller then tells the victims in order to claim the prize they must first pay the taxes or processing fees on the prize money.

Those who have fallen victim to the scam have sent cash to out of state locations via overnight carriers. When the scammers are successful, they often scam the victims out of thousands of dollars and there is often little recourse to retrieve the money.

Police remind residents to be wary of any calls claiming you won large sums of money.

If you have been a victim of this scam, authorities ask that you please report it to the Hutchinson Police Department by calling 320-587-2242.