Invitation to Community Photo for “Reagan’s Kindness Campaign” 13 Mar 18

A community photo is being taken in Library Square in Hutchinson on Friday afternoon at 4, with the focus on kindness (March 16, 2018).

The photo is a response to “Reagan’s Kindness Campaign”.

Reagan Goldstein is originally from Hutchinson and both of her parents are Hutchinson natives.

Reagan’s family is currently living in the San Diego area while her father Louis is stationed at Camp Pendleton.

In California, Reagan experienced persistent bullying in her new school.

In an effort to keep Reagan occupied while she wasn’t in school, her mother, Melissa, gave her an assignment to create something positive.

Reagan came up with the Kindness Campaign with a goal to have 25 people like and follow her event which runs from March 11- 17. What Melissa did not expect was the outpouring of love, support and literally hundreds of people taking on Reagan’s Dares which are action items of kindness, one of which is sharing a photo on social media with #kindnessmatters.

The #KindnessMattersInHutch community photo is open to ANYONE, not just Hutchinson residents.

Anyone who wants to stand for kindness. Reagan’s favorite color is blue; anyone is welcome to wear blue. Posters and Banners with #KindnessMatters are welcome.

Questions regarding support for this effort can be directed to Mary Hodson 320-234-0785

#KindnessMattersinHutch is a project of the Hutchinson Leadership Institute’s Design Team.