Possible Mountain Lion in New Ulm Area 20 Mar 18

(KEYC/New Ulm, MN)  A potential mountain lion sighting has been reported by an eyewitness in the New Ulm area.

Minnesota DNR says that human encounters with mountain lions are extremely rare and that being struck by lightning is much more likely than being attacked.

Officials say if an encounter does take place, stay calm, face the animal, make yourself appear large by opening your coat or putting your hands above your head, and speak in a loud voice.

The DNR has not yet confirmed the animal as a mountain lion but there have been trail camera sightings of cougars in Southern Minnesota this year.
Minnesota DNR wants to remind people that it is illegal to kill a mountain lion in Minnesota because it is a protected species.

Most cougars will avoid confrontation. If actually attacked, hit the animal in the face and head with anything handy.