Farm Bill Clears U.S. House Committee Over Peterson Objections 19 Apr 18

(Learfield News Service/Washington, D.C.) A new federal Farm Bill passed out of the all-important Agriculture Committee in the

U-S House Wednesday over objections of key Democrats including Minnesota’s Collin Peterson.

The 7th District Congressman and his Democratic colleagues have sent a letter to the White House asking that additional money be permanently available for crop insurance, given the trade dispute with China. Peterson said “I really am worried about this, and this is a self-inflicted wound that we frankly don’t need, and if we get into this situation we don’t need a one-time bailout.”

Peterson says proposed changes to the SNAP Food Stamp program reflect the same “ideological crusade” that killed the Farm Bill in 2013.

Texas Republican Mike Conaway responds the changes to SNAP have been blown out of proportion.

Peterson says he can’t guarantee a single Democratic vote, but there’s still time to work together and find a solution that works for everyone.