Another Guilty Plea in Monson Drug and Weapons Case 24 Apr 18

(KWLM/Willmar MN-) Another person arrested in the January SWAT team raid on Chad Monson’s home south of Willmar pleaded guilty to drug and weapons charges yesterday (Monday).

Forty-five-year-old John Jacobson of Lake Lillian was charged with 9 counts…4 weapons charges, 4 drug charges and 1 combination drug and weapons charge. He pleaded guilty to charges of Possession of Not a Small Amount of Marijuana and Possession of a Machine Gun or a Short Barreled Shotgun, and the 7 other charges were dismissed.

He’s scheduled to be sentenced May 29th.

Last week, another man, Thomas Quimby, also pleaded guilty to a drug charge and was sentenced to 1 year probation.

That leaves 3 defendants, Christina Johnson, Kayla Lindstrand and Monson, who were arrested at Monson’s home January 30th when police found a large cache of drugs and weapons.