Sheriff Recognizes Life Saving Efforts 17 May 18

At Tuesday’s Wright County Board Meeting, Sheriff Joe Hagerty presented a Citizen Letter of Recognition Award to Bruce Balder-Lanoue and Jason Telecky.  Both are teachers at the Monticello High School.

Bruce and Jason had an instrumental role in saving the life of a 15-year-old who collapsed in the Monticello High School gym during basketball practice.  

Their swift effort to obtain and use a near-by AED and to call 9-1-1 saved the young person’s life. 

Also in recognition of National Police Week, Sheriff Hagerty presented Deputy Eric Thole with a Letter of Commendation for his response to a citizen aid request where an elderly gentleman had fallen and needed assistance getting to his feet.  After Deputy Thole assisted the man to his feet, the man assured Deputy Thole he was fine.  Deputy Thole could sense something was not well with the man so to further evaluate his condition Deputy Thole continued a conversation and offered to assist in some light chores around the man’s house.  Deputy Thole’s intuition proved correct and the man began showing signs of having a stroke.  Deputy Thole then called for an ambulance who transported the man to the hospital who confirmed Deputy Thole’s suspicion.  Deputy Thole’s intuition and persistence saved this man’s life.

Balder-Lanoue, Hagerty, Telecky

Hagerty, Thole