School Officials Warn of “Nerf Wars” Game and Driving 18 May 18

Hutchinson School District officials are saying they’re getting reports of a ”Nerf War” game that has been started by the students of Hutchinson High School and surrounding areas.

Officials are alerting students that when it comes to driving around in vehicles as you play it, it becomes extremely dangerous. 

In the past few days, the Hutchinson Police Department has seen an increase in complaints of young people driving in an unsafe manner likely surrounding “Nerf War” activity.

There was also a recent crash in Waconia involving teenagers playing “Nerf Wars”, where young people were injured in a rollover crash.

District officials are asking parents to have a conversation with your student about participating in these types of activities using their vehicles in any way. Officials say this is not to curtail kids having fun, rather for them to be driving safely.