Update: Raccoon That Climbed St. Paul Skyscraper Has Been Trapped 13 Jun 18

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A raccoon stranded on the ledge of a building in St. Paul, Minnesota, captivated onlookers and generated interest on social media after it started scaling an office building.

Onlookers and reporters tracked the critter’s progress at it climbed the UBS Plaza on Tuesday, interrupting work and causing anxiety for some. By Tuesday afternoon, it had stopped on a ledge more than 20 stories high.

Nearby Minnesota Public Radio branded the raccoon with the hashtag #mprraccoon. The woodland creature also had its own Twitter account, with one tweet saying, “I made a big mistake.” Many feared for the raccoon’s safety.

The raccoon was first spotted on a ledge Tuesday morning, just a few stories high. St. Paul Animal Control believed it may have been there all night before it started heading skyward.

 Reports say the raccoon made it to the roof at 2:45 this morning (Wednesday).

Word now that the raccoon has been safely trapped and will be released.

Chelsey DeMers, assistant general manager of the company Wildlife Management Services, says the raccoon was caught in a live trap on top of UBS Plaza early today.

She says it’s in good condition and is eating and that a company technician is expected to set the animal free later today at a site yet to be determined.