Zebra Mussels Found in Two Kandiyohi County Lakes 19 Jun 18

(KWLM/Atwater MN-) The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has confirmed reports of zebra mussels in Norway Lake, just west of New London, and Diamond Lake, southeast of Spicer, in Kandiyohi County.

Officials say all connected waters from Norway Lake downstream to Lake Andrew will also be added to the infested waters list.

A boater on Norway Lake recently found an adult zebra mussel attached to a floating piece of Eurasian watermilfoil and filed a report. DNR invasive species specialists conducted a dive search and found a half-inch zebra mussel attached to a rock at the south end of the lake.

Separately, a citizen contacted the DNR after finding an adult zebra mussel on a settlement sampler at the end of a dock on Diamond Lake. Settlement samplers are metal plates on which young zebra mussels may settle and attach, and can be used for monitoring.

A third observant lake user reported two zebra mussels found at the west boat access on Diamond Lake.