Tires and Wheels Stolen/Damage at Hutchinson Auto Dealer 21 Jun 18

Police are investigating the theft of wheels and tires and other items, and damage to property that was reported last week by a Hutchinson auto dealer.

Authorities say Valley Sales reported wheels and tires from three 2018 Chevy pickups on their lot were taken. Windows were also broken that police say allowed the thief or thieves to gain access to a tool needed the remove the wheels. Center caps on the wheels and vehicle emblems were also taken. Cost of the damage and value of the stolen items is estimated at nearly $11,000.

Police say items were also taken from an employee’s vehicle. A taillight and a headlight were stolen from a 2002 Chevy Suburban, with an estimated value of $350.

After viewing surveillance video, authorities believe they have two suspect vehicles; the first, a Chevy Impala used to look through the lot; the second, an SUV, used to haul the stolen items.

The investigation continues.