Hutchinson School District Launches TigerPath Website 22 Jun 18

Hutchinson Public Schools is pleased to announce the launch of a dedicated website for the TigerPath Academies:

Designed to be a resource for parents, students and employers, the site provides a wealth of information about the TigerPath Academies.

For parents the site contains videos and information explaining what TigerPath is and how the four TigerPath academies work.  “The ‘Success in the New Economy’ video is a must see for everyone, because it really captures the rationale behind TigerPath.” noted Daron Vanderheiden, ISD 423 Superintendent.

Also included in the parents section of the website is information on how to choose a college for your child and money-saving tips to help pay for your child’s education

For students the new website has information on how they can plan for the future along with what subjects and career areas the four TigerPath Academies cover.  In addition, the site contains info about high-demand career opportunities students can consider.

Employers can utilize the site to engage with the school (and potential future employees) in a variety of ways: adopting a classroom, participating in job fairs, providing tours of their facility or hosting an intern, among others.  The site also includes an on-line portal for employers to post internship opportunities for students.

The TigerPath website also has a page recognizing the funding partners that helped make Hutchinson High School’s new Center for Technical Excellence possible.

The website’s tagline captures the essence of TigerPath: Discovering Talent, Developing Skills, Building Careers.  The website can be found at