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Cedar Crest Estates LLC

Cedar Crest Estates currently has three locations, Cedar Crest of Cosmos, Cedar Crest of Hutchinson and Cedar Crest of Silver Lake. All providing assisted living plus services. We are the only facilities in the area that provide either minimum services or up to and including total cares.

All of our facilities are licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health as a Housing with Services Facility and the Minnesota Department of Human Services as an Assisted Living Home Care Provider. We offer a variety of services ranging from minimal services up to and including total cares. Each facility has private resident rooms, welcoming sitting areas, and attractive outdoor sitting areas.

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Our mission is to offer a clean, homelike atmosphere for the people in our care. We are dedicated to helping our residents maintain their independence. We provide friendly, honest, respectful care ensuring our residents a sense of security and peace of mind.

Come and enjoy a welcoming stay here, at Cedar Crest, where you are treated like “Ole friends and family”.

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