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Hutch Auto and Truck Parts

Hutch Auto and Truck Parts is owned by the Larry Bajari family. The Bajari family is now on its third generation of automotive recycling. Our family has done this type of work since 1942, when grandpa Pat Bajari started recycling. Currently, Larry and his two sons John and Robbie own and operate the business.

Larry is one of the company’s biggest assets with over 40 years experience. Both John and Robbie have been around the environment of automotive recycling for 15 plus years. Their main man and only full-time employee is Josh Hoffenkamp. Josh is son-in-law and and brother-in-law to the owners. Larry and Robbie handle most of the office work. Larry is the main counter salesman. Robbie does the book work, sells, and hauls cars. John and Josh take care of most of the outdoor work. John buys at the insurance auctions and does most of the inventory work. Josh does the parts pulling and the dismantling work in the shop. We all end up doing a little bit of each others jobs.

Our business mainly focuses on late model car and truck parts. We sell both new and used parts for just about any kind of vehicle. Some examples of the new parts we stock are: body parts, glass, manifolds, brakes, and lamps. We also sell car and truck accessories. A unique part of our business is the large selection of commercial type truck parts we stock. A few examples are: 2 ton trucks, semis, buses, cube vans, and 1 tons. If we do not have your requested part in stock, we have one of the most sophisticated parts locating services in the industry!

One service we offer for your convenience is delivery to all of mid-Minnesota. However, if you are out of our delivery range, we ship to anywhere in the world. Call us for any questions you may have, no matter how simple or complex they may be. We welcome a challenging request and will do our best to serve you. We appreciate your support and look forward to helping you in the future.

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