2014 FFA NATIONAL CONVENTION 2014 National FFA Convention/Expo Oct. 29-Nov. 1, 2014, Louisville, KY




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Our Title Sponsor is NorthStar Genetics

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ACGC  Wednesday, April 30th, 11:05pm
 Thursday, May 1st, 2:40pm
 Wednesday, April 30th, 2:06pm
BOLD  Wednesday, April 30th, 12:40pm
 Tuesday, April 29th, 1:44pm
 Tuesday, April 29th, 3:12pm
 Wednesday, April 30th, 3:40pm
 Thursday, May 1st, 1:44pm
 Thusday, May 1st, 1:06pm
 Wednesday, May 30th, 1:44pm
 Thursday, May 1st, 12:40pm
Hutchinson  Tuesday, April 29th, 1:06pm
Kimball  Thursday, May 1st, 2:06pm
Litchfield  Thursday, May 1st, 3:12pm
Paynesville  Wednesday, April 30th, 1:06pm
 Thursday, May 1st, 11:05pm
 Wednesday, April 30th, 3:12pm

 Tuesday, April 29th, 2:06pm

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FFA Broadcast crew of Larry Baumgardt, left, and Jim Bartels bring years of broadcast and FFA expertise to the airwaves each year from both the National and State FFA Conventions.