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Sports Broadcast Schedule

All Minnesota Twins Regular Season Games broadcast on FM 106.9 KARP and AM 1310 KGLB

Saturday, April 5-WILD vs. Pittsburgh, Puck Drops at 7 pm

Thursday, April 10-KDUZ-Softball-LP/HT at GSL, 4:30 pm 

Friday, April 11-KGLB-Baseball-GSL at Mound Westonka, 4:30 pm

Friday, April 11-KDUZ-Softball-Hutchinson at Litchfield, 4:30 pm 

Sunday, April 13-WILD vs. Nashville, Puck Drops at 7 pm

Monday, April 14-KGLB-Baseball-NYA at Lesueur Henderson, 5 pm 

Tuesday, April 15-KDUZ-Softball-EVW at LP/HT, 4:30 pm 

Thursday, April 17-KDUZ-Baseball-Mound Westonka at Hutchinson, 4:30 pm 

Monday, April 21-KGLB-Baseball-Mayer Lutheran at NYA, 5 pm 

Monday, April 21-KDUZ-Baseball-GSL at Hutchinson, 4:30 pm 

Tuesday, April 22-KDUZ-Baseball-Hutchinson at Annandale, 4:30 pm 

Friday, April 25-KDUZ-Baseball-Delano at Hutchinson, 4:30 pm 

Monday, April 28-KGLB-Baseball-Sibley East at NYA, 5 pm 

Monday, April 28-KDUZ-Softball-Hutchinson at Delano, 4:30 pm

Tuesday, April 29-KDUZ-Softball-Dassel Cokato at Hutchinson, 4:30 pm 

Thursday, May 1-KDUZ-Baseball-Annandale at DC, 4:30 pm 

Friday, May 2-KDUZ-Softball-GSL at Dassel Cokato, 4:30 pm 

Friday, May 2-KGLB-Baseball-DC at GSL, 4:30 pm 

Monday, May 5-KDUZ-Baseball-GSL at DC, 4:30 pm

Tuesday, May 6-KDUZ-Baseball-Orono at Hutchinson, 4:30 pm 

Thursday, May 8-KDUZ-Baseball-Litchfield at GSL, 4:30 pm 

Friday, May 9-KGLB-Baseball-GSL at Waconia, 4:30 pm 

Friday, May 9-KDUZ-Northstar League Baseball-Howard Lake at Hutchinson, 7:30 pm 

Sunday, May 11-KGLB-CRVL Baseball-Winsted at Waconia, 4 pm 

Monday, May 12-KDUZ-Softball-DC at Waconia, 4:30 pm 

Tuesday, May 13-KDUZ-Baseball-Hutchinson at NLS, 4:30 pm 

Thursday, May 15-KDUZ-Baseball-Annandale at GSL, 4:30 pm

Friday, May 16-KGLB-Baseball-GSL at NYA, 5 pm 

Friday, May 16-KGLB-CRVL Baseball-Young America at Cologne, 7:30 pm 

Friday, May 16-KDUZ-HLWW at LP/HT, 4:30 pm 

Sunday May 18-KDUZ-Northstar League Baseball-DC at Hutchinson, 6 pm 

Monday, May 19-KDUZ-Basebal-Hutchinson at Delano, 4:30 pm 

Thursday, May 22-KGLB-CRVL Baseball-Waconia at Green Isle, 7:30 pm 

Monday, May 26-KGLB-CRVL Baseball-Plato at Hamburg, 6 pm 

Sunday, June 1-KGLB-CRVL Baseball-Watertown at Glencoe, 4 pm

Sunday June 1-KARP-Northstar League Baseball-Hutchinson at DC, 7 pm 

Wednesday, June 11-KGLB-CRVL Baseball-Plato at Brownton, 7:30 pm 

Sunday, June 15-KGLB-CRVL Baseball-Brownton at Hamburg, 4 pm 

Sunday, June 22-KDUZ-Northstar League Baseball-Maple Plain at DC, 6 pm  

Wednesday, June 25-KARP-Northstar League Baseball-Cokato at Howard Lake, 7:30 pm

Thursday, June 26-KGLB-CRVL Baseball-Glencoe at Norwood, 7:30 pm 

Sunday, June 29-KDUZ-CRVL Baseball-Watertown at Brownton, 4 pm Night at the Ballpark

Sunday, June 29-KGLB-CRVL Baseball-Plato at Young America, 5 pm 

Wednesday, July 2-KARP-CRVL Baseball-New Germany at Glencoe, 7:30  Night at the Ballpark

Wednesday, July 2-KGLB-CRVL Baseball-New Germany at Glencoe, 7:30 pm 

Sunday July 6-KDUZ-Northstar League Baseball-Hutchinson v Waverly/Montrose @ Watertown, 6 pm 

Wednesday, July 9-KGLB-CRVL Baseball-Winsted at Green Isle, 7:30 pm

Sunday, July 13-KDUZ-Northstar League Baseball-DC at Cokato, 6 pm 

Sunday, July 13-KGLB-CRVL Baseball-Plato at Waconia, 1 pm 

Wednesday, July 16-KARP-Northstar League Baseball-Hutchinson at Howard Lake, 7:30 pm

Friday, July 18-KDUZ-Northstar League Baseball-Maple Lake at Hutch, 7:30 pm Night at the Ballpark

Sunday, July 20-KDUZ-Northstar League Baseball-Howard Lake at DC, 6 pm Night at the Ballpark

Sunday, July 20-KGLB-CRVL Baseball-Brownton at Young America, 4 pm