Sports Hall of Fame

The KDUZ/KARP Sports Hall of Fame is a program designed to honor the best in athletics this area has ever produced.  From the Gridiron to America’s Past-Time Athletes, Coaches and Other Contributors have been making memories to last a lifetime.  We would like to honor those individuals with entry into the Hall of Fame!

KDUZ/KARP is now seeking nominations from the public for the Hall of Fame.  You can nominate  anyone who has ever competed, coached or contributed for a High School or any other amateur based sports team in our listening area.  Also as a special award, you can nominate a broadcaster or local newspaper reporter for our special “KDUZ/KARP Hall of Fame Media Award”.   Anyone may nominate someone today!  Deadline for nomination class is April 15th of each year

For a nomination form, stop out at the KDUZ/KARP Studios or Contact Sports Director Joel Niemeyer

When your nomination form is completed return it to us in one of two ways:

1. Mail to: KDUZ/KARP Radio, Attn: Joel Niemeyer, PO Box 366, Hutchinson, MN 55350
2. Fax to: 320-587-5158

Thanks for helping make the KDUZ/KARP Sports Hall of Fame a success!  If you have any questions please feel free to ask!


HOF Rules and Regulations

-Timeline of events:

Nominations stop on April 15th

Ballots sent out to Voting Panel April 22nd

Ballots must be sent back to Executive Board by June 1st

Final Approval by Executive Board will be made by June 15th

Recognition/Ceremony: Early to mid-July (exact date is TBD)

-Persons may be nominated in one or more of the following categories: Athlete, Coach or Contributor.  Defined as….Person must have participated or coached or contributed in a high school, town team baseball, local college, or any other amateur based sport.  Person may have also contributed in the form of groundskeeper for many years, officiated for many years, etc.  Nominees must also be 22 years of age or older by June 1st to be nominated.   Persons may be nominated by anyone….listeners, organizations, schools, etc.

-Persons may only be nominated if they represented a community that is represented in the following list of schools currently in our area: ACGC, Annandale, BOLD, BLH, DC, EVW, GFW, GSL, Holy Trinity, HLWW, Hutchinson, Kimball, Lester Prairie, Litchfield, Mayer Lutheran, Mcleod West, NYA, Sibley East, Waconia and Watertown Mayer.  Any community represented in the afore mentioned list is available. For example if a player competed at Arlington HS they are eligible since the community of Arlington is represented by Sibley East.  Another note-a person does NOT have to live in this area at this time, but must have competed for that community.

-As a special award that can be given out to one person each year in addition to the regular honorees.  People may nominate someone for our “Hall of Fame Media Award”.  This will be given to a broadcaster, newspaper sports reporter, or other media personalities that have had an impact on local sports in honor of an outstanding career.  A person may not have lived in this area to be eligible but must have had an impact on local sports.


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