Joel Niemeyer's View From The Booth

Hey everyone! Joel here…I guess they finally trust me with a blog! Now I’m known as “The Hutch Tiger Guy” in some circles, and I do love my job as the radio voice of the Hutch Tigers! But that’s not going to keep me from commenting on any of our areas schools, or keep me from commenting on any level of sports! I think of this as kind of an online opinion column. I’m not doing this blog to post the latest You Tube Video, or give you top 10 lists. I will however give you my opinion on what’s going on, and I may drop in some news tidbits now and then. Plus I’ll include some news and notes on the music scene in the Minnesota Music Spotlight Corner.

I should mention this…all opinions written here are mine alone, and may not represent the views of this station. I do not mind at all if you disagree with a view written here, just disagree/contact me respectfully. I won’t respond to “You’re an idiot” emails, I will however respond to anyone and everyone who contacts me in a respectful manner.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you make this a regular stop! If you have any questions feel free to contact my email address here!