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  • ScreenHunter_558 May. 26 14.04

    Twins Talk Jeff Pickler Story and Photos by Gordy Jones Today’s baseball teams have coaches for every occasion. There is a pitching coach, a hitting coach, a bench coach, an infield coach, a first base …

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    26 May 17
  • ScreenHunter_552 May. 08 08.33

    A Few Minutes with a Wise Young Man I always attend the Minnesota Twins Diamond Awards. Several years ago, I had the honor to meet Byron Buxton, who was the minor-league player of the year. …

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    08 May 17
  • ScreenHunter_548 May. 02 10.25

    TWINS TALK PHOTOS AND STORY BY GORDY JONES The Twins Can Do Better – and I Think That They Will! Many Twins fans and so-called baseball experts are saying that they are satisfied with a …

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    02 May 17
  • ScreenHunter_544 Apr. 24 12.42

    Twins Talk Stories and Photos by Gordy Jones A Man with Two Families I’ve previously told you the story of Twins president Dave St. Peter, who joined the organization as an intern and rising all …

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    24 Apr 17
  • ScreenHunter_542 Apr. 14 14.23

    Twins Talk Stories and photos by Gordy Jones Buy Me Some Peanuts and Vegan Brats! One of my favorite days at Target Field is the annual food tasting for the media. Scribes of all shapes …

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    14 Apr 17
  • ScreenHunter_540 Apr. 07 14.25

    Twins Talk Stories and Photos by Gordy Jones A Man Outstanding in his Field! The Twins looked great during their home opener, and so did Target Field itself. I’ve written many times about head groundskeeper …

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    07 Apr 17
  • ScreenHunter_537 Mar. 31 14.00

    Twins Talk Photos and Stories by Gordy Jones Morse is the Source A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to write about a key figure in the Twins’ front office who is invisible …

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    31 Mar 17
  • ScreenHunter_535 Mar. 24 14.00

    Twins Talk Story and Photos by Gordy Jones Great Florida Memories Fort Myers, Florida — In February of 1991, there was excitement among Twins fans: A new training facility would soon be opening at Fort …

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    24 Mar 17