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  • ScreenHunter_322 Jul. 10 07.20

    Twins Talk Photos and Stories by Gordy Jones Mauer’s Pizza Party One of the nicest events which happens every year during Twins’ Hope Week, is hosted by first baseman Joe Mauer. It is called Picnic …

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    10 Jul 15
  • ScreenHunter_318 Jul. 02 11.37

    Beam Me into a Suite, Scotty! Photos and Story by Gordy Jones One of the strongest pillars of the Twins organization is almost unknown to the general public. He is known, however, to thousands of …

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    02 Jul 15
  • ScreenHunter_313 Jun. 26 14.12

    Stories and Photos by Gordy Jones Quite an Endeavor by Trevor Trevor Plouffe has developed into a solid major league third baseman. Trevor was drafted in 2004 after an All-American high school career, chosen in …

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    26 Jun 15
  • joel-vftb-thumb

    Hey all…Joel back again.  This time though I give my column over to the DNR for an important reminder for all us fishermen (and women) when you’re out on the water this year…   The …

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    04 May 15