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  • ScreenHunter_477 Aug. 05 14.29

    Twins Talk Sunday at the Park Story and Photos by Gordy Jones   Last Sunday, my journey to the Twins game at Target Field began extra-early: At 7 a.m., I made a little detour through the University …

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    05 Aug 16
  • ScreenHunter_475 Jul. 22 14.17

    Twins Talk Story and Photos by Gordy Jones Three Classy Guys: Gordo, Torii, and Terry!   During a terrific Hall of Fame weekend at Target Field, I was walking through the service-level concourse when I …

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    22 Jul 16
  • ScreenHunter_471 Jul. 15 07.05

    TWINS TALK Versatile Vavra Story and Photos by Gordy Jones One of the key figures on the Twins’ coaching staff is their bench coach, the unassuming Joe Vavra. Joe always appears laid back, but he’s …

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    15 Jul 16
  • ScreenHunter_469 Jul. 08 10.19

    TWINS TALK Photos and Stories by Gordy Jones Hats Off To Eduardo! Since someone has to represent the Twins at the 2016 All-Star Game, I’m happy that it’s Eduardo Nunez. He’s a good guy who …

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    08 Jul 16
  • ScreenHunter_463 Jun. 10 14.23

    Twins Talk Stories and Photos by Gordy Jones Twins Wife Is a Star! Alisha Perkins, wife of Twins reliever Glen, has a new book out called “Running Home.” It tells how Alisha tried to find …

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    10 Jun 16
  • ScreenHunter_458 Jun. 03 14.09

    Twins Talk NBA Referee Ken Mauer Would Love to “Bar You” from Poor Health! Story and Photos by Gordy Jones A few weeks ago, I told you about the unofficial Pioneer Press and Dispatch headquarters …

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    03 Jun 16
  • ScreenHunter_453 May. 20 10.22

    Twins Talk In the Summer of ‘69 Photos and Story by Gordy Jones   Last week as I sat with Pioneer Press columnist Charley Walters before the Mancini’s Hall of Fame banquet, I glanced at …

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    20 May 16
  • ScreenHunter_443 May. 06 10.17

    TWINS TALKSTORY AND PHOTOS BY GORDY JONES A Few Observations, One Month in! A month into the 2016 baseball season, I have to declare: This is not the same Twins team that I watched at …

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    06 May 16