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  • ScreenHunter_440 Apr. 29 14.18

    TWINS TALK Memories with a Great Twins Writer! Photos and Story by Gordy Jones My love of baseball stems from my relationship with my dad. Some of my earliest memories are from when I was …

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    29 Apr 16
  • ScreenHunter_438 Apr. 22 14.14

    Haircuts, Big Hearts, and Reunions Stories and Photos by Gordy Jones While flipping through my car radio stations the other day, I heard an unfamiliar voice say that a pregame $100 haircut was the reason …

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    22 Apr 16
  • ScreenHunter_435 Apr. 08 14.01

    TWINS TALK Stories & Photos by Gordy Jones   Relax…It’s Early The Twins have tripped coming out of the gate in their first three games, but there are 158 yet to play. I have watched …

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    08 Apr 16
  • ScreenHunter_432 Apr. 04 07.11

    Twins Talk March in Paradise Story and Photos by Gordy Jones Baseball spring training is a wonderful time of the year, especially if you are coming from a northern state. You leave a frozen tundra …

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    04 Apr 16
  • ScreenHunter_420 Feb. 04 14.54

    TWINS TALK Story and Photos by Gordy Jones The Twins’ Way!! When a baseball player signs a contract to play with the Minnesota Twins, he usually is also agreeing that he will make a visit …

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    04 Feb 16
  • ScreenHunter_358 Aug. 28 07.29

    Twins Talk Story and Photos by Gordy Jones Molitor was Born to Run the Twins! As I write this, the Twins are three-fourths of the way through the 2015 season, they are above .500, and …

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    28 Aug 15
  • ScreenHunter_354 Aug. 20 08.29

    Twins Talk Photos and Stories by Gordy Jones On My Soapbox; Just Have Fun! Everyone says the Minnesota Twins have some of the best fans in baseball. For the most part, that is true. They …

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    20 Aug 15
  • ScreenHunter_351 Aug. 14 10.23

    Twins Talk Getting Good Wood on the Ball! Story and Photos by Gordy Jones Last week I told you about a charity run: 15’s 5K. It was a real Perkins family effort, with Glen’s wife, …

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    14 Aug 15