Station Celebration Trivia Challenge KDUZ/KARP/KGLB

Thanks for participating in our Station Anniversary Trivia Challenge!  Out of the entries Joan Moy of Mayer was the winner with 11 points (out of 17 possible).  How many did you get correct?  Here’s the questions…followed by the answers:

 Question #1-This current Station Announcer was once used as an unpaid extra in a major motion picture. Can you name this person?

Question #2-True or False, There was once a Football Broadcast in which the KDUZ Announcers signed off the air with Hutchinson winning the game. About an hour after the game, the score was changed and Hutchinson lost.

Question #3-There is only one Station Announcer to have been on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Name this person.

Question #4-KARP went on the air in September of 1993, playing Today’s Country and a lot more. Can you name the #1 Country song in the nation when we went on the air?

Question #5-True or False, Comedian Tim Allen once took over the office building of this current station employee (at a previous job) to use the office building as a set for his latest movie.

Question #6-True or False, When KDUZ went on the air in 1953 the owners received a note of congratulations on the grand opening from President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Question #7-The DUZ in KDUZ stands for/refers to something. Although it’s not around anymore, can you name what the DUZ means?

Question #8-As in Question 7, the GLB in KGLB also means something. Can you name what that stands for?

Question #9-John Mons often refers to the station as being “On the Shores of Lake Elmer”, even though there is no lake, just a slough that rises when it rains. So this next question refers to that…True or False…There was a couple fishermen that actually came to try and fish Lake Elmer.

Question #10-To the best of our knowledge, 8 current employees or announcers have been members of a band or musical group. How many can you name? (you’ll get a point for each one of the 8 you name)?


  1. Joel Niemeyer, The film was Major League 3: Back to the Minors.  While you won’t be able to make out his face…he’s in the crowd during a Home Run scene filmed at the Metrodome. 
  2. True,  It was in the 1970’s during a blizzard.  At the end of the game the Hutchinson QB took a knee to kill the clock and preserve what he thought was a 3-2 win.  An hour later the referees checked where the ball actually was and it was in the endzone…safety…A 4-3 Hutchinson loss. 
  3. Wally Pikal, He was featured on the popular show for his talent of playing two trumpets while jumping on a pogo stick. 
  4. “Ain’t Going Down” by Garth Brooks
  5. True,  The employee is “The Professor of Hockey” Jim Waldron.  Allen used the office building Waldron worked in for a set for his move “Joe Somebody”. 
  6. False, Heck we couldn’t event get on the air on time thanks to the Government.  The original on air date had to be pushed back 3 days because the FCC approval was late in coming. 
  7. Duz Soap, it was the major sponsor for the station.  Duz was a powdered laundry soap and later, a powdered laundry detergent which had glassware and plates in each box.  It was last made in 1978.
  8. GLencoe’s Best or Glencoe’s Best Country.  Referring to the Classic Country Music that has been a staple of the station since the day it opened. 
  9. True.  As the story has been told to current employees…the anglers had no idea “Lake Elmer Telecky” is a running joke and were looking for an access.  They had a good chuckle about it when told of the joke, but No they did not give their names out.
  10. John Mons, Mark Wodarczyk, Dale Koktan, Joel Niemeyer, Lester Schuft, Wally Pikal, Chuck Thiel, and Gene Streachek.