Station Celebration Win Cash Contest KDUZ/KARP/KGLB

We’re giving away $750 in CASH to our listeners! $250 to a KDUZ listener, $250 to a KARP listener, and $250 to a KGLB listener!

Registration Deadline is September 13th, 2013. After the deadline we’ll draw out 5 finalists from each stations entries, those finalists MUST be present at our anniversary party on September 22nd. Then we’ll draw out the winner of those finalists at about 3:45 pm, that day! Each winner will get $250 in cold, hard cash…moola…greenbacks. All Courtesy of KDUZ/KARP/KGLB!

Just fill out the form below completely (other than the last question, that one is optional) and submit it to us. Forms not filled out completely will not be considered entries!

  • In the form below, under the Station Tab…we’d like you to tell us what station you listen to: KDUZ, KARP or KGLB
  • In the form below, under the Comments Tab… We’d like you to tell us how we’ve done…Would you like to send any comments to the station?  Tell us what you enjoy most about the stations?  This part is optional, but the best comments may get posted on our facebook page or our website!  Please post your comments there.


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